Norma Golden Target Match 308 Win 175gr BTHP

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$145.00 - $265.00
$145.00 - $265.00


Long range shooting is no small undertaking. It takes consistent practice and dedication to master, and your ammunition can make or break the long range. Our goal at Norma is to fuel your success, training or competing, so we developed our most precise product line yet: Golden Target Match. These hollow point rounds are designed with a thin match-style boat with high ballistic coefficient, to produce tighter groups and go the distance.

If you're looking for premium quality .308 Win HPBT Match ammo, then look no further than Norma Dedicated Precision - .308 Win Golden Target Match HPBT 175 gr. This high-performance ammunition is designed for maximum accuracy and consistency, making it perfect for competitive shooting, hunting, or target practice.

Each cartridge is carefully crafted using the finest components and strict quality control measures to ensure superior performance. The 175-grain HPBT bullet is designed for outstanding accuracy, with a sleek profile that delivers excellent ballistic performance at long ranges. The Golden Target Match brass casing ensures consistent chambering and reliable feeding, while the clean-burning powder produces consistent velocities.

With its impressive accuracy, exceptional reliability, and high-quality components, the Norma Dedicated Precision - .308 Win Golden Target Match HPBT 175 gr is the perfect choice for discerning shooters who demand the best. So whether you're a competitive shooter or a hunter, this ammunition is sure to deliver the precision and performance you need to succeed.